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What equipment do you use?


We use high end equipment. We film everything with at least 3 cameras, a lens kit, slider, external sound recorder amongst other accessories that help us achieve beautiful images for you to keep and remember forever.

Do you film the guests during the meal?


No. We believe that to be uncomfortable for your guests so we prefer not to do it.

How long will we wait for the finished film?


It depends on how busy we are. We always do our best for you not to wait too long but because it's an extensive, time consuming process (editing all the hours of footage, color grading everything, exporting, creating the DVD/BluRay and burning them). So, we try to deliver your Film no longer than 12 weeks after we filmed it.

How long is the film duration?


It depends on a variety of  factors like ceremony and speeches duration but we aim to make an entertaining Film with a good rhythm so between 60 and 90 minutes are our expectations.

Do you need food?


Yes, we would appreciate a meal  for the team as it can be a real challenge to organize or go somewhere for food when filming a wedding. It would be a time saver and sometimes the only alternative as some locations are so isolated that there's just not enough time to travel for a meal.

Do you charge for fuel?


We cover Aberdeen City. Anywhere outside of the main city may be charged with a small mileage fee.

How can I book my wedding with Bonsai Weddings and secure the date?


Get in touch with us. Your date will be secured once we receive the deposit payment.


Talk to us. We would love to hear from you!